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'to call' out AS A signaL.

tone, timbre of music.




HŪHĀ Music: Global Music Network for Māori Musicians.

With 16 years of experience in music strategy, artist development, and promotion, Huia Hamon and the team are on a mission to provide musicians with access to global stages, world audiences, and international touring circuits.

HŪHĀ taps into existing music currents around the world and helps musicians from Aotearoa (aka New Zealand) navigate these opportunities and the wider Indigenous network.

HŪHĀ envisions a future where confident te reo Māori musicians know they can travel with their te reo Māori music and be supported in a long-term career strategy. Their global aim is to link their indigenous whānau/family, inspire and share progress riding the wave of music.

HŪHĀ Music is committed to create a stronger bilingual Aotearoa Music community, connected to the worlds opportunities.

WOMEX 2023

HŪHĀ's travelled to WOMEX 2023, where Huia Hamon (Kaiwahakahaere) and the Pan-Indigenous, Matariki Cultural Trust, Aotearoa adn the Pacific had their stands, connected with 200+ people. This year there are 6 Māori Musicians, ready to connect on the HŪHĀ digital platform and they were showcased digitally to the world.

Development Stages

HŪHĀ Music is currently in the development stages, to become an accessible portal and strategist platform for bilingual musicians.


HŪHĀ is seeded with support from the Pan-Indigenous (WOMEX) Network, Te Māngai Pāho, APRA (NZ) Outward Sound (NZMIC), Kog Studio and Kog/Chief Records.

HŪHĀ Music is an exciting new initiative that is empowering Māori musicians to reach their full potential on the global stage. With its commitment to bilingualism, HŪHĀ is helping to build a stronger and more diverse Aotearoa Music community.

In short, HŪHĀ Music is a platform to empower Māori musicians to reach their full potential on the global stage.


WE do this by providing them with access to opportunities, resources and TAUTOKO.

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